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The St. Louis Blues lost over the weekend at home to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The game was ugly and Toronto seemed to get all the bounces in this one.
The real news of that game is a report that came out just after on that Toronto has made an offer for Alex Pietrangelo. You can find that report here.

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In this report, it says that chatter surrounded the Blues that Petro wasn’t happy when the Blues traded for Justin Faulk and signed him to a long-term deal. Ok, maybe. If that is true then the “chatter” was very quiet and only known to very select few.

No one in the media picked up and reported on this “chatter” so I don’t think it’s as big as “surrounding” as the report suggests. It may have been a mumbling if anything.

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It goes on to say that the team hasn’t made any real legit offers to the captain. Perhaps that’s true but doubtful.

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One thing the Blues GM Doug Armstrong is great at is keeping contract talks, trades, and extensions quiet. To take the statement that the Blues haven’t made any legit offers to heart is questionable. Nothing has been made public that we know and we won’t know anything.

I have been on the record here at Bleedin’ Blue on more than one occasion saying I don’t expect the captain to be a Blue after this season. Armstrong has not been the type of GM to sign guys to long and expensive contracts that will take them into the wrong side of their thirties. At least not since he has felt the crunch from the Alex Steen contract.

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The Justin Faulk deal I believe was more of an expansion draft defense than anything else and maybe Armstrong offered Petro what the Blues were willing to commit and Petro declined the offer so Armstrong has to move forward accordingly.

The article says that the Leafs are willing to include William Nylander a name we have heard for the past couple of years. If there is no chance for an extension then they will send Kasperi Kapanen or Andreas Johnsson.

The Blues are also rumored to be in the Taylor Hall market. I wouldn’t want Taylor Hall, but if I’m the GM and the writing on the wall says I’m not going to sign Pietrangelo, then I’m going to create as much smoke as I can involving him in trade scenarios and get the sale price as high as possible.

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Linking Petro to a Taylor Hall trade only makes Toronto’s GM Kyle Dubas more willing to part with more for Pietrangelo. Dubas and Toronto have been linked to Petro for a couple of years so the interest is high and linking him to a Hall deal only increases the price IMO.

I don’t want to see the captain go, but I also don’t want the Blues to become the Chicago Blackhawks with high paid wrong side of thirty-year-old defensemen.

It’s not the popular move but from my viewpoint, Armstrong appears to be holding all the cards right now. Armstrong is no dummy and has made some great trades in his career with the Blues. Fans didn’t like the Faulk signing me being one of them, but the way the trade deadline market is shaping up Armstrong could be genius.

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Armstrong has positioned the Blues to be winners during the deadline. We either ink Petro to a team-friendly deal, or we trade him for Taylor Hall or a William Nylander package.

If the Petro is willing to sign with the Leafs and waves his NTC for either team then the price for him goes up and the return is greater.

Buckle up Blues fans. Changes could be on the horizon. I’m not sure what they will be if any, but one thing seems certain, Armstrong is creating a buzz around the captain more now than ever.

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How this shakes out will be interesting, but Army, from my perspective, has the Blues in a position of power not being held hostage by a contract negotiation and setting the stage for max returns if he doesn’t get what he feels is fair from the captain.

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Hopefully, we can keep the captain and he signs to a team-friendly deal that makes both sides happy. The complexities of such a deal and what it would look like I can’t speculate, but if it can’t be done the Blues are sitting well in the trade market to get max return on a potential trade.

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The only way the Blues and Army lose is if Petro doesn’t sign and he doesn’t wave his NTC to get traded. Something I believe has already been discussed with the captain or else we wouldn’t be hearing the chatter.

Down to 11 forwards at the moment, or one less than needed to form four full lines in a game, the Blues have recalled forwards Jordan Kyrou and Austin Poganski from their San Antonio affiliate in the American Hockey League.

Kyrou was averaging nearly a point a game for the Rampage, with nine goals and six assists in 16 games. He played well and had several scoring chances in Sunday’s 4-1 loss to the Toronto Marlies, which was televised by the NHL Network. Over his previous two games, Kyrou had scored our goals, including a hat trick last Wednesday against the Iowa Wild.

A second-round pick in 2016, No. 35 overall, Kyrou made the Blues’ opening-day roster last season, appearing in 16 games with one goal and two assists. But he spent most of the season in San Antonio, making the AHL all-star game before suffering a kneecap injury that required surgery.

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Kyrou was in Blues camp this preseason, but skated on his own or in non-contact drills as he completed his rehab and recovery from last spring’s surgery. He made his season debut for San Antonio on Nov. 2.

Poganski had been called up by the Blues on Thanksgiving Day, following Oskar Sundqvist’s injury, but was a healthy scratch for five games before being sent back down to San Antonio in a move the Blues announced Sunday. As it turned out, it was a move made simply to let Poganski get a game in for San Antonio before his recall 24 hours later.

Poganski made it to Toronto in time to play Sunday’s Rampage game against the Marlies. Toronto is only 100 miles from Buffalo, where the Blues play Tuesday, so it will be easy enough for Kyrou and Poganski to join the team there.

The St. Louis Blues knew they were in for a rough ride when their injury list started picking up big names. They have gotten through it, but fate seems to keep giving them more obstacles.
The St. Louis Blues have been a walking, or skating if you will, M.A.S.H unit over the last month or so. They have not only lost several players to injury, but they have lost several big names off their roster.

The Blues lost their best scorer in Vladimir Tarasenko early on. Tarasenko went out with a shoulder injury on October 24, 2019 and was scheduled to be out for around five months.

When Tarasenko went down, the question was where were the goals going to come from. That was bad enough, but then the names started piling up.

Alex Steen picked up a high-ankle sprain on November 6 and would not even be re-evaluated until after four weeks. Sammy Blais picked up a 10-week wrist injury on November 20 and Oskar Sundqvist got a foot injury on November 27 that would keep him out an indefinite time.

That is four of your top 12 forwards on the injured list. One third of your starting forwards to open 2019-20 are hurt and have missed significant amounts of time and the calendar has not even turned to 2020.

The funny thing is the Blues have overcome all of this. Guys have stepped up and the roster has continued with a team-first attitude that has driven them to success.

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Through early December, the Blues remain at the top of the Central Division and the Western Conference. The scoring is sporadic and the defending has holes, but through solid goaltending and sheer will power, the Blues have done it.

Even so, you wonder how long this can continue. With the team’s depth challenged each and every night, they need some form of relief.

Everyone has played up to their capabilities and beyond on most nights. Yet, it is taking a toll and even fate seems against the Blues at the moment.

It is bad enough to have one third of your forwards injured. Then, on December 7, the Blues lost around one sixth of their team to injury in that game alone.

At one point, the Blues were without Robert Thomas, Colton Parayko and Zach Sanford all at once. Thomas got hit in the face with a puck, Parayko got hit in the face and Sanford picked up the dreaded “upper body” injury and did not return.

The Blues have had to make line changes as it was. Losing that many guys within a game forces things to become even more jumbled.

It also puts more pressure on the remaining top guys to score. Unfortunately, hockey by its nature is a streaky game.

David Perron was one of the hottest players in the league for a time, just when the Blues needed it. However, his goal against Toronto on December 7 was his first in seven games. That’s fine when you have everyone healthy, but when you depend on him to score, it’s a little too far between.

Ryan O’Reilly continues to pick up points, but only has six goals over a quarter through the season. He currently has one goal in his last 13 games. Alex Pietrangelo currently has more goals than O’Reilly.

Nobody expects O’Reilly to put up gaudy goal numbers, but unfortunately, at the moment, the Blues need more from him than just assists.

The same is true of everyone. It would be great to sit back and allow Thomas all the time he needs to develop. You see the kind of player he will become, but right now, the Blues need it right now, not tomorrow.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Blais, Steen and Sundqvist are skating with Steen and Sundqvist actually practicing.

However, more than anything else, the Blues just need a break. Hockey is a rough and tumble sport and you are going to pick up injuries, but it is getting to a ridiculous point.

During this injury plague, the Blues brought up Klim Kostin for a look. He performed well, but they wanted him to keep that momentum going in the AHL. Kostin immediately got hurt upon returning to San Antonio.

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The Blues would like to have called up Jordan Kyrou. He was dealing with returning from a preseason surgery, so the Blues have let him settle back into the AHL first.

The Blues won a Stanley Cup because they could roll out four lines and had depth to plug holes. They have continued to do that early in the 2019-20 season, but it is becoming tougher with injuries squeezing the team like a snake. The more they struggle, the tighter it seems to get.

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The team needs to start getting bodies healthy or their current two game losing streak might compile more L’s. The guys that are healthy are giving their all, but without help, they are likely to get worn down.

It’s great to have everyone with a next man up mentality. It would just be nice to not have to rely on it so much.

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